Failure assessment is an analysis of a structure that has been failed in service. Failure assessment is done

  • to find and understand failure mechanisms
  • to correct failures and enhance the structure behavior
  • to obtain remaining service life after corrective actions

FEM analysis is often used as a preprocessing phase in assessment. Fracture mechanics approach is required in many failure analysis cases.

In addition to assessment we do failure inspections on site and suggest corrective actions and can also inspect the repair to prevent further problems.

Lujuuslaskenta - varioanalyysi

Failure of a container (stiffener weld fractures, excessive deformations in baffle walls, fractures in shell).
Inspection, preliminary corrections (first aid), detailed analysis, correction plan and repair inspection carried out by Stressfield.



Lujuuslaskenta - varioanalyysi

Lujuuslaskenta - vaurioanalyysi

Porosities found in NDT inspection in
power plant steam pipe welds
(fitness for purpose analysis)

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