Technical analysis services are most often carried out by FEM analysis. The analysis results are used for the optimization of structural shape, material weight and cost or to ensure that the structural strength and the fatigue strength are sufficient. Several problems can be solved using technical analysis. Some examples of possible cases are presented below. All examples are actual cases, analysed by Stressfield Oy.

Our approach goes beyond representing the results. We will also provide interpretation of the results as well as give suggestions to enhance your products performance further. We can make expert statements if needed, for example as a part of fitness for purpose assessments of structures with initial cracks or some other deviations from intended quality.

We use the following software in our FEM analysis: MSC.Nastran, NX.Nastran, MSC.MARC, ANSYS Professional and LS-Dyna plus FEMAP, NX6, Space Claim and MSC.Patran for pre- and postprocessing.

We use Visual Vessel Design ( VVD ) software for pressure vessel analysis according to EN 13445.


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